Hello, we are Sunee and Adam. 

After falling in love and starting our story in the San Francisco Bay Area we recently relocated to Washington. We love exploring the trails around our new home. Lovers of the redwoods, picnics, learning, and Saturday mornings. We get excited about beginning new things, watching the sunrise, and filling our home with those we love.

Sunee is all about the farmer’s markets, front porches, rosemary and simplicity. Adam is a lover of Apple products, a good hike, whiskey, and theology. 

Adam began Storyline Film in 2011 out of a love for film and people. A lot has happened since then. Today we cherish the opportunity to work side by side to create something beautiful that will retell your story for days and decades to come. 

We love being married. 

And we believe that this story isn’t about us.